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What can mushrooms teach us about the world, and how we can participate in it?

MycoFutureCamp is a pilot summer program aimed at young explorers curious about the natural world, mycology, ecology, and climate. Together we will learn the importance of diversity; build deeper connections to ourselves, each other, and the planet; go on forest walks; and learn about ethical foraging. 

Each Learning from Fungi workshop provides an exciting and immersive experience for young people aged 10-14, focusing on the fascinating world of mycology. Through hands-on activities such as mushroom foraging and
nature connection exercises, participants will gain knowledge and appreciation of fungi and their role in our lives. 


Learning from Fungi 1: Lessons on Diversity 
Learning from Fungi 2: Thinking in Systems

Learning from Fungi 3:  To Interconnection, and Beyond! 


To enroll, please send an email to


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