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Current Offerings: Climate Anxiety to Climate Action

How can we acknowledge the real difficulties of the times we're in, hold ourselves with compassion, and move through into action?  How can we build resilience, and create a culture that supports individual and collective well-being? How can we become aware of our own blindspots, so we can move forward with purpose, care, and humility?

Lauren offers workshops to cultivate the inner transformations which enable outer transformations: from climate anxiety to climate action.

Who are these for?

Through a combination of mindfulness, inner development, and collective exploration, these workshops are aimed at empowering individuals and organizations to become catalysts of change in their own lives and communities, as well as support wellbeing, soft-skill development, and inner leadership. 

I'm committed to making my work available to everyone, regardless of income, gender, or race. Join me and let's make a positive impact together.

What skills will I deepen?

Deep Listening
Empathy & Compassion
Authentic relating
Nervous system attunement and co-regulation
Mobilization Skills

"Thank you Lauren for guiding us through the workshop yesterday. I left feeling motivated because of the grounded and real hope we created, and would highly recommend to anyone seeking inspiration for climate empathy and action."

Janice, Architect, Berlin

Interested? Contact Lauren for prices and corporate bookings.

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